Juicy Jack (AAAA) (ounce)

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid 75% Sativa / 25% Indica

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Juicy Jack is a sativa dominant hybrid, that came to fruition by crossing the ever so tasty Juicy Fruit and the classic Jack Herer. This hybrid couples the subtle relaxation effects provided by its’ indica based lineage, with a euphoric burst of creativity and inspiration. Juicy Jack exhibits a flavourful mouthful of sweet, ripe berries, that mingle with spicy earthy undertones. True to its roots – Juicy Jack provides an incredibly uplifting experience that will have you thinking nothing but positive, happy thoughts! Beginning with a strong euphoric head rush that instantly boosts moods, and excites creativity and motivation, while calming the body without sedating or inhibiting ability to function. The high levels of THC typically found in Juicy Jack make it the perfect strain for treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, mood swings, anxiety, and even eye pressure.


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